My name is Lydia Rose Spencer. Want to know a little about me? Here it is. 

I studied fine art at The University of Maine and the New Hampshire Institute of Art. I live in Central Maine, in a little town called Dover Foxcroft; located right in the heart of the great state where the winters are long and cold, the summers are short and sweet, the fall is full of vibrant colors, the spring is 'mud season', and the people are the salt of the earth.     

I grew up on a horse farm where I spent half my life riding horses and the other half drawing them. One day I decided that I couldn't go any longer without pursuing art and learning more. It was the best decision I ever made! 

My art focuses mainly on portraiture of people and animals, I have always been drawn to faces because they are so complex in their ability to tell a story, human and animal. I love painting because it shows us the beauty in everyday life from the perspective of the artist.

Through art we perceive beauty in everyday things.

That's a little about me. 

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